Case study: Outer Range S1

SKILLS OVERVIEW: VFX Supervision, Executive Leadership, Team / Department Management, Production, Stakeholder Management, Graphic design, 3D design, Blueprinting, Compositing, Sales

Outer Range is an Amazon Studios & Plan B produced episodic show available on the Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. I was the on-set VFX supervisor and the overall show VFX Supervisor during the pre-production and the entire filming process for the first season of this show (8 episods) in New Mexico, USA. I was attached to this show for well over a year, since early 2020 to mid 2021.


Due to the extraordinary pandemic conditions we spent an incredibly long eight months (for an episodic show) in New Mexico, mainly in Albuquerque, Las Vegas and on the Buena Vista ranch. During this time I was leading the VFX department, performed a multitude of different tasks covering the entire knowledge base of our entire industry as a steakholder manager, and wore many hats as the overall on-set VFX supervisor during the filming phase.

I invented and made plans and blueprints concepting and designing on-set protocols for filming shots for VFX, designed props for the prop department and worked out approaches for every individual visual effect in all the episodes with regard to the entire process that would take place in post-production.

Working fluidly with a diverse team consisting of both locals and internationals and adjusting to any changes in circumstances from the weather to the budget, I advised and made presentations to the series production team of various approaches; advised on when, how and why to use VFX for budget savings without compromising visual artistry. This required understanding of the entirety of the film process across multiple departments, from camera to lighting.

Stunt legend Carric O'Queene holding the bear prop department made based on my blueprint and their ingenuity!
Stunt legend Carrick O’Quinn holding the bear rig for our CG bear shots our ingenious prop department made based on my blueprints

I solved all VFX-related day-to-day issues on the go, setup filming procedures, designed, 3D modeled and worked with production, directors, DOPs, props, talent and stunts departments on filming the massive amount of VFX film plates

I picked out and curated post-production facilities to work on the project, and worked closely with them through the process of filming, making sure they get everything they need to efficiently do their job. I had a lot of fun, and made a lot of great friends among both talent and production.

Never before or after I had a show done under such an extraordinary pressure coming both from the COVID-19 bubble rules and regulations we had to follow to the max, the societal distance of being away from our families and loved ones for an extremely long period of time, working in a place of the world known for it’s relatively harsh weather conditions. However if you asked me to do it all over again -I’d only ask one question: “When are we leaving?”

Truly, one for the ages. I can’t thank the magnificent cast and crew enough for these amazing months in the high desert, it felt life-changing.